Monday, July 28, 2008

Now for something really decadent...

Our Cherry Ripe cupcake really tastes like a cake version of the chocolate (only better of course!). Coconut buttercake is filled with a mix of morello and glace cherries, kirsch and a little cream and then topped with a really rich 70% Lindt buttercream and a maraschino cherry. Here you can see the before shot, and then a slightly less appealing image of the same cake after it has been half devoured!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

First moments of fame...

As a relative newbie to Flickr (well less than one month anyway), we were delighted when one of our favourite blogs Cupcakes Take The Cake picked up this image for a short snippet. This lemon yoghurt cake is very moist with a tender crumb. Thick Greek yoghurt replaces the usual milk and the result is a lovely, dense cake with plenty of flavour and moisture.

Cookies & Cream

This is definitely a cake for the frosting enthusiast! Dark, moist chocolate cake topped with lashings of vanilla buttercream with swirls of crushed Oreo cookies throughout. This cake has a huge following in our shop and I can only hope that the sugar & chocolate rush gives our customers a big boost so they get lots of things done!

Orange cake

I love really fresh cakes decorated prettily. This orange buttercake has plenty of freshly squeezed orange juice & orange zest to give it flavour and the cake itself is really soft & moist. Yummy!

Neapolitan Cupcake

We are really proud of this cake as it won us a medal in our first-ever food competiton (Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2008). It is a rich chocolate buttercake filled with fresh strawberries & cream and topped with a vanilla buttercream. Naughty but nice!

Leap of faith into The Blogosphere

No more procrastination, no more excuses. I am finally taking my first baby steps out into the Big Wide Blogosphere and who knows where it may lead??

It is so easy to lurk & enjoy the work of others so it is a very daunting task to put fingertips to the keyboard to begin this whole process. In the last month, I have finally started a Flickr account, so this should be the next logical step. Should be. It is far easier to take a few pretty pictures than to initiate dialogue, and especially to produce words that are of some value.

This blog is intended to focus on my adventures in the wonderful world of cupcakes, but be warned, I am a natural digressor so we could end up just about anywhere.

I think this is enough for a brief intro. Hopefully much more to come!