Monday, August 4, 2008


Our friends over at Cupcakes take the Cake posted this story about our Choc Chilli cupcakes, describing them as the bedheads of the cupcake world. We make these every Saturday for our shop and when we sell out, we inevitably have some very disappointed customers. This cake is not for everyone (it is super chocolatey, zingy with chilli and rich with frosting) however those who love it are completely hooked.

I think that our more unusual cupcake flavours have Serious Followers. Addicts even. Although we don't sell as many 'out there' flavours as traditional ones, those who love them really, really love them and are very disgruntled when they are not available. Our lavender cake is another such flavour.

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Whitney Tanner said...

Your cupcakes look amazing! I can't find a homemade honeycomb recipe. Can you suggest one?